Artist. Designer.

Imagined Cities. 2008


Memory is not an instrument for exploring the past but its theatre. It is the medium of past experience, as the ground is the medium in which dead cities lie interred. _ Walter Benjamin

Throughout my research, I collected several recollections of Martyr’s Square- Beirut by different individuals, all describing the space as it was experienced in different periods. The collection of past accounts and experiences of a space that no longer exists triggered me to imagine, and allowed me to capture the lost sense of belonging by remembering, forgetting, fabricating, and describing an experience of the city. I chose to represent the memory of a space through the space of imagination. The narratives are derived from personal experiences of the space and reflect on an everyday dialect between the space and its occupants through different periods of its history. The narratives offer snapshot impressions that represent a recollected memory, and further, a subjective linear reading of the space.I have created narratives, of four imagined cities, in the means to narrate the memory of a space that becomes a space of memory, an imagined space. By doing so, I am constructing an unattainable city experience through the representations of memory. Each of my imagined cities is describing the accounts of different people who experienced the space in the following periods: City of desires (Pre-war), City of Amnesia (Civil war), City of Order (Post-war), City Of Obsessions (Current). 


Each of my posters features a visual construction of Martyr’s Square; the front always containing a photographic spatial construction of the space, and the back describing an impression of a space in time. The described spaces are based on the stories and descriptions of the individuals I have interviewed.